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  • October 14, 2020

BeMob Updates: Reports Overview

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In affiliate marketing the road to high profits leads through the process of analyzing reports and building the strong optimization strategy. The extensive reports are crucial. Our updated reporting system allows to extract the required report on one or several elements, view the most detailed data on the required value or its combinations and exclude the unnecessary item from the report. Let’s see how you can benefit from BeMob reporting system.

Bulk Reports

The reports on several elements are now available. You can build the in-depth reports on several campaigns, offers, flows, landing pages, affiliate networks and traffic sources.

To create a bulk report it is required to select the required elements and click on Report button.

When building the report on several elements it is possible to exclude the required amount of items. It is required to select the elements which you don’t wish to include in the group report and click on Exclude.

The report will contain only the elements that have not been ticked.

Once the bulk report is built, you can add other elements from grouping lists to combine the elements and see detailed data on incoming traffic.


Drilldown and Regular Reports

Once you dive into the report on element or group of elements the Report button changes to Drilldown meaning that if you select the element and press Drilldown, you will see more detailed data on this element.

There are two more options hidden under Drilldown button:

Drilldown With New Tab will show the detailed report in terms of selected elements only.

Report With New Tab allows to see the all the data matches for the selected groupings.



Example: the report is built on Offers + Countries parameters to see which geo the traffic has been coming from to the selected offer.



If you wish to see more details on the selected country, another words, to find out on which campaigns the traffic from this country has also appeared, you will need to click on Drilldown and select Report with New Tab.


As a result you will see the list of campaigns with the traffic from this country.



However if you wish to see the report on selected country in terms of one specific campaign, you will need to click on Drilldown with New Tab. 



In our example there is only one offer in the campaign Global – Dating Fallback that has received the traffic from Bulgaria.


The reports are always opening in the new tab. It is possible to close the tab with the report which is no longer required and move back to the initial list of elements.

Exclude and Exclude Report

Exclude option allows to remove from the report the elements that are not required at a specific time.

The excluded elements are gathered in the separate tab, so if it is required to include an element into a report it is required to click on cross icon. This element will be added to the report immediately.


When you go into the report on element or group of elements it is possible to exclude other elements narrowing the report to one single element.


Exclude with New Tab will open the report on the remained elements after you exclude the required items.

Example: In order to see the report on the offer Indonesia – KetoDiet it will be required to exclude Canada – House Loans offer from the list.


Exclude Report with New Tab will allow to see the report on ALL previously excluded elements.

Basing on the previous example, if Exclude Report with New Tab is selected, the report on all excluded elements will be visible with an exception of Canada – House Loans.


If an element or group of elements are excluded from the report they will be gathered in the list above the report table with corresponding icon.



Basing on the new BeMob reporting system the access to the most detailed data is now available just in couple of clicks.

As the reporting options are now live, you are very welcome to test them out. Your feedback is highly appreciated!

If you need any help with accessing the specific report, feel free to contact our support team in live chat.

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