✏️ Flow Edit Feature, New Domain

Flow Edit Feature

Previously, you had to access flow settings each time you needed to update them. Now it is possible to edit a flow right away from campaign settings.

To do that access the required campaign settings and press Edit button next to the flow preview.

New Domain

Due to frequent cases of BeMob domains being flagged since they are shared with all BeMob users, we decided to introduce a new domain which can be used only for CNAME linking to your custom domains. 

New BeMob domain looks the following way: xxxxx.bmtrck.com

xxxxx.bmtrck.com can’t be used as a tracking domain itself.

Since traffic is not sent to xxxxx.bmtrck.com directly, there is very less chance of your custom tracking domains being flagged.

New domain of your BeMob account will be automatically available at the stage of adding a custom tracking domain to BeMob.

We highly appreciate your feedback and feature requests. Feel free to reach us via Live chat from the panel or website and at support@bemob.com