💻 Addons Release

This release is totally dedicated to our pricing. 

We’ve introduced addons option to customize your plans with the features which are limited or not available by default. 

In terms of the previous pricing logic the subscription upgrade was required to access the needed options. 

For instance, if you needed more than 5 custom domains, the plan upgrade to the higher pricing option was required. 

Now with addons you can create your personal pricing solution and pay only for the options you actually use.

To get an addon it is required to access the Subscription section Features.

bemob addons

Besides you can also purchase the required addon once you click on the feature that it is not available in your account. 

bemob addons

Addons can be activated or switched off anytime. 

bemob addons

📚Learn more to manage adding in our blog post

All clients registered before 28-th July will be on legacy plans with the previously negotiated conditions.

However the clients on legacy plan can also purchase the addons if required more domains, data retention and other features. 

We highly appreciate your feedback and feature requests. Feel free to reach us via Live chat from the panel or website and at support@bemob.com