📊 CPA Column, Custom Columns For Admins

CPA Column Enhancement

We have introduced a dedicated column for CPA data calculation. Now, tracking your Cost per Acquisition (CPA) is more streamlined and efficient.

The CPA data is calculated using the following formula:

Сost/ ((Сonversions Confirmed + Custom Conversions (if revenue is >0 and the conversion is included in revenue))) – Conversions Chargeback )

Custom conversions with revenue greater than 0 and ‘Include In Revenue’ enabled are now incorporated into the calculation.

This column is now readily available by default across all tariff plans.

Creating Custom Columns For Admins

Admins now have the ability to create and customize custom columns tailored to their reporting needs.

Admins can not only create custom columns but also modify formulas, descriptions, and values for existing columns.

Columns created in the admin account are visible not only to the admin but also to the owner and other members.

Please note that column creation and editing privileges are restricted to admin and owner roles and are not available for user roles.

Excited to see how these enhancements elevate your reporting experience!