🔔 Visits Cap Feature, Basic Plan Updates

Visits Cap Feature

Visits Cap is a newly added condition that is used in the rule-based paths for traffic distribution. With this option you can set a certain limit on the amount of visits per offer. 

❗️ To request the feature contact the support team. 

The Visits Cap option is available in Flow and Built-In Flow destinations. You should just select Visits Cap from the list of conditions and specify the required limit.

After the limit is reached traffic will be redirected to the offers and landing pages configured in the Default Path.

📚 More details on Visit Cap option see in our dedicated guide.

Basic Plan Updates

On Basic plan you are provided with free access to BeMob panel if your traffic volumes don’t cross the limit of 100 000 free events within 30 days.

With this update the payment of overage on Basic plan is no longer available

The notifications on the amount of used visits will be visible in your BeMob account and will be sent to the email specified with the registration. 

If you cross the limit of 100 000 events during 30 days of your billing period, you will need to upgrade your subscription to continue the work with BeMob. Your campaigns will still be active but you will not be able to access your account. 

If you don’t switch to a paid plan and your traffic volumes reach 200 000 events, traffic in your campaigns will be automatically stopped.