💠 Israeli Sheqel, Timezone for Reports, Search by Errors, Bugs Fixing and Improvements

Israeli Sheqel

We are improving our multi-currency option with adding a new currency Israeli Sheqel. 


This currency can be selected on the level of registration and in the offers and campaigns settings. You can also select Israeli Sheqel in your reports to display the data in this currency.

📚 More details on multi-currency option see in our dedicated guide.

Timezone in Calendar

With this option you can see the report data not only in the default account timezone, but also for the specific timeframe in the other selected timezone. Click on Calendar at the top of the report and select the required timezone.

timezone for reports

Search by Errors

The search bar for Errors section is now available to navigate easily through the report.

errors tab

Bugs Fixing and Improvements

Besides we have fixed the bug with landing page and offers import so you will no longer have the issue with adding massive amounts of these elements. 

Domains management became easier after this update – delete a domain with no issue or conflict with the related elements. 

We know how you love to work in teams so the optimization for the reports in multi-user access is also introduced.