🧠 Smart Rotations, Update for Financial Data Values

Smart Rotations

Smart Rotations feature is aimed to distribute your traffic smartly. Your path, landing pages or offers will be rotated according to the selected scenario. 

❗️ To request the feature contact the support team. 

Smart Rotations option is available on campaign level only. To use it you should select Built-In Flow destination.

Paths Rotation, Paths & Landings Rotation and Paths & Landings & Offers Rotation are used to rotate traffic between paths, paths & landings, paths & landings & offers respectively. 

Fix on Paths, Fix on Paths & Landings and Fix on Paths & Landings & Offers are opposite to rotations. They are used to ‘fix’ visitors on a certain path, path & landing, path & landing & offer. 

Update for Financial Data Values

Now all monetary and percentage values in your reports are rounded to three decimal places. This allows you to see the more detailed data in the reports.