📌 Proxy, Crawler, Referrer Domain Rules, Send Postbacks %, Traffic Loss % Settings

Send Postbacks %

This option is required when you wish to hide the part of conversions along with their revenue from your traffic source.
Previously Send Postbacks % has been available on the level of traffic source settings.

Now our tech team improves this option: you can set up the postback % value on the level of campaign settings. In this case the send postback % in campaign settings will override the value set up in the traffic source settings.

To set up the % of conversions which you’re willing to send to your traffic source it is required to access the Campaigns tab, create new or edit the existing campaign.

Mark the Send Postback % checkbox and specify the value:


By default the value is 100% which means that all the conversions are forwarded to your traffic source via postback request.
If not all the conversions should be passed, it is required to specify the value less than 100%.

📚 More on Send Postback % see in our dedicated guide.

Traffic Loss %

This option has been also available on the traffic source’s level only.

As the loss can be different depending on the geo or traffic type purchased from the same traffic source the traffic loss settings on the level of campaign settings becomes more convenient.

In campaign’s settings mark the Traffic Loss % checkbox and specify the value:


The traffic loss % in campaign settings will override the value set up in the traffic source settings.

📚 More on Traffic Loss % see in our dedicated guide.

Proxy, Crawler, Referrer Domain Rules

We have added 3 more conditions which are mainly required when dealing with the traffic which should not be welcome in your campaigns.

Set up the proxy, crawler conditions or base the rule on the referrer domain to make sure that only relevant traffic is reaching your offers.
To configure these rules it is required to create a preconfigured Flow or select Built-in Flow in the Destination settings of the campaign.


Hope you’ll find these updates useful. We are moving forward to the new features.