📯 Tracking Conversions With No Click ID

We are excited to announce the addition of a new feature: Tracking Conversions with No Click IDs. This feature is designed to enhance your tracking capabilities when click ID data is unavailable. Instead, you can now rely on campaign ID data to track conversions effectively.

To ensure accurate tracking, BeMob typically allows only conversions containing click ID information to be registered.

However, industry practices evolve, and there are instances when relying on a click ID is not feasible or effective.

These challenges have arisen notably after the iOS 14.5 updates.

With Apple’s handling of conversions, limited information is provided about the user who generated the conversion if they opted out of tracking.

As a result, various mobile attribution tools like AppsFlyer lack this crucial information and cannot include it in the postback.

Another scenario involves using a conversion tracking pixel as an alternative to the postback method when browser cookies are blocked. This tracking pixel receives the click ID from a cookie. If this cookie is blocked or lost, the conversion cannot be recorded.

To address this, BeMob has implemented a fallback option for all conversion tracking methods, allowing conversions to be registered without a click ID.

This method involves correlating conversions to campaigns using an additional parameter – the campaign ID.

To start tracking conversions with no click ID the dedicated postback/ pixel is required. To set this type of postback/ pixel it is required to activate this option in the global settings.

tracking conversions with no click ids

After the option is activated the dedicated postback or pixel should be created for particular campaign.

📚 Learn more about tracking conversions with click IDs in our user guide.