Protect your Landing Pages with BeMob

In BeMob safety questions are taken very seriously. We believe that a product should be trusted if only it guarantees the best possible security.

As a result our tech team introduced the brand-new feature that allows to protect your landing pages from competitors’ eyes and hands. Here is our new feature landing page protection.


Landing page protection is an essential tool that allows to prevent your landing pages from being stolen and ripped.

This simple code protects your landing from being visited by direct users.

Landing page protection is based on calculating time difference between forwarding a user to landing page and time of his actual visit to landing page.

To find your code for a landing page click Settings tab on the main panel (step 1), then press Tracker (step 2).


Landing page code


To see the PHP signature example follow the link below landing secret key field.

Note: When adding a landing page to the tracker, it is required to add {landingSignature} token to the end of landing page URL.


Landing Page Secret Key


You can use any other parameter instead of ‘key’.


Landing secret key



When using landing page protection script, it is required to define the TTL of signature and unique key.




BeMob landing page secure key helps to lock down your landing pages in the fastest and easiest way with no third-party scripts to be installed.

So you take care of yourself and your landing pages!

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