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RACE 2017 – The Future of Affiliate Marketing in Russia

On October 4-5, ECC Sokolniki in Moscow will host the Sixth Annual Russian Affiliate Congress 2017.

The event will bring together keynote Russian and foreign experts, traffic managers, web masters, advertisers, and representatives of affiliate networks.

Conversion and traffic arbitrage will be the main topics this year. What are organizers of RACE 2017 preparing?


Over 20 local and foreign speakers will talk about specific opportunities offered by affiliate marketing and business optimization.

Two days, two simultaneous streams:

  • For advertisers, there will be sections on recruiting, technical expertise, and fraud prevention when working with partners.
  • For web masters, there will be sections dedicated to globalization of affiliate marketing, technological trends, mobile, arbitrage, and monetization.

Our honoured speakers: 

  • Christopher Tradgett – Publisher Discovery, Co-founder;
  • Artem Daniliants – CEO at LumoSpark;
  • Frank Ravanelli – FOREO Head of Affiliates – EMEA & Asia;
  • Alexander Polyakov – Director at AM Navigator for Eastern Europe, Middle East, and Africa;
  • Vyacheslav Prokhorov – Expert at myTarget and others.

Activities you will enjoy:

  • Networking sessions – for open exchange of ideas and experience, establishment of efficient professional and partnership communications.
  • Workshops – for learning practical case studies and profound analysis of efficient solutions.
  • Panel discussions – for sharing opinions and discussing hot-button issues.  Among other things, attention will be focused, on the issues of legislation and self-regulation, influence of interface solutions on usability.


The largest in the CIS countries platform aimed to present the latest developments in the field of affiliate marketing. RACE 2017 will gather over 20 top-class players of the Russian and European markets, as well as ambitious beginners.

Exhibitors will be able to strengthen their positions or present themselves among professionals, find potential customers, and conclude large-scale deals.

Attendees will get an opportunity to build new business contacts, learn about relevant new products, meet industry leaders and colleagues in informal surroundings.


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