BeMob Updates & Improvements

Regular updates of BeMob tracker.

Forward unknown clicks to the URL

We added new option in redirect settings. From now it is possible to forward unknown clicks to the specified URL.

To do this:

  1. Press Settings on the panel
  2. Click Tracker tab
  3. Specify the URL for unidentified clicks
  4. Press Save button

This option is aimed to collect all the clicks for which campaign can not be identified, when the campaign URL was incorrect or user deleted cookies data.

redirect clicks option


Lower or equals and Higher or equals relations

New logical relations are available for OS and version, Browser and version conditions.

With these relations set it becomes possible to track traffic from all the required OS, browsers and their versions.

To create a new flow with one of these logical relations it is required to:

  1. Press Flow tab on the panel
  2. Click New
  3. Add condition for a rule
  4. Select Browser and version or OS and version from the drop-down list
  5. Choose one of logical relations
  6. Find the required browser or OS from the drop-down list on the left side
  7. Select a version from the list on the right side
  8. Press Save.




You can always be sure that the rule will work for visitors with new versions of OS or browser.

A user with OS and browser version lower than specified will be redirected correctly to the required offer or landing page.

As a result, these logical relations help to reach the targeted audiences and increase the conversion rate.

Essential improvements

We have introduced changes in the view of Brand and modelOS and versions, Browser and versions in Flows settings.

It is more comfortable to work with the rule settings now.

From now elements are divided on 3 parts, e.g. Brand and model are separated and displayed in two columns, which makes the selection easier.

The empty field is required to show the result – brand and model of your choice.





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