Running Push Campaigns with ActiveRevenue and BeMob

Are you not buying push traffic yet? Well, you better hurry up to make the most of this traffic type.

As it is already known, Google and Mozilla are attempting to put an end to push notifications. Now every web site is sending a permission request to a user, for other sites it is required to subscribe to push notifications.

The representatives of major push traffic sources have already commented the case – the changes are inevitable. So we suggest to hurry up and run push campaigns until the changes come into force to take the full advantage of this hot format.

To assist you on the way our partner and trusted traffic source ActiveRevenue is giving $50 bonus on the first deposit for your Push Campaigns. 

To receive the bonus:

  1. Register an account with ActiveRevenue
  2. Make the deposit not less than $200
  3. Enjoy the $50 bonus

Easy, right?

ActiveRevenue has a lot of targeting capabilities. Here they are:

  • GEO
  • Carriers
  • OS
  • Device
  • Browser
  • Interest
  • Keywords

Also ActiveRevenue works with several security tools to provide you with the 100% human traffic!

For those, who are still not sure, we have prepared a guide with just 3 simple steps to start a push (or any other) campaign with ActiveRevenue and BeMob.

Step #1 – Set ActiveRevenue as Traffic Source

ActiveRevenue is already in BeMob templates. Press Traffic sources in the panel and select New from template.

In the traffic source settings all you should do is to press Save as postback URL and custom parameters are preconfigured.


Step #2 – Create a campaign with ActiveRevenue

After ActiveRevenue is successfully saved it is required to create a campaign with this traffic source. Press Campaigns in the panel and select New.

In campaign settings you should specify the name, choose GEO and select ActiveRevenue as the traffic source.

Note: Make sure the offer / landing page are set up correctly. If you experience any issues at this point, please do contact us in live chat.


Step #3 – Create a campaign on the side of ActiveRevenue

After you finish creating a campaign it is required to copy Campaign URL in order to set it on the side of traffic source.

Campaign URL can be found in Campaign links.

On the side of traffic source you should create a new campaign and fill all the required information.

In Push Ads section you should press New Push Ad button and place there Campaign URL from tracker.


Feel free to reach out, if you have issues with the settings.

The support is provided through:

  • the live chat that can be accessed from the panel or web site
  • email:
  • skype: live:irenatomanov / live:anna_17683
  • telegram: @irenatoma, @DariaBeMob