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AffiliateCow - A Brand-New Format of Affiliate Conferences

Ladies and gentlemen, allow us invite you to AffiliateCow Conference !

You might be wondering about the reason of this formal invitation. This is because we have a piece of very important and serious news for you.

AffiliateCow Conference claims to be the first conference organized differently.

What will be different?

  • No routine success stories or cases, nothing of that sort
  • No self-promotion from the speakers
  • No alcohol
  • Clothed women

Instead the organizers are offering the new ways and working instruments, analytics, and unique learning experience through: 

  • Networking in a speed-dating format. No one leaves without at least a few new contacts.
  • Exclusive guests, meaning only valuable connections.

The organizers of AffiliateCow have a lot of experience in this kind of events, so now they are focusing on creating something new and unconventional for the own project.

Now the best thing is that by using promo code BEMOB you receive ~10% discount on Lunch + Party tickets.

Still thinking? Watch this quick video

The event will take place on the 17-th of June in the Azimut Hotel, Saint-Petersburg.

P.S. Of course, there also would be a party afterward!

For questions contact:


skype: live:affiliate_cow