2021 Results – The Top 10 Features of BeMob

Holidays time is just around the corner. Let’s see how the 2021 is remembered with the BeMob team 👇

2021 was a fruitful year for BeMob. 

The BeMob team got bigger, and we have concentrated our efforts on updating the systems to assure the stable work and development of the service. 

This year we have been honoured to enter the top 3 best trackers of the industry according to the Peak Awards!

Besides, we have succeeded in implementing the most requested features for more convenient campaigns’ management. 

Here is our short summary of the top 10 most useful and frequently requested features we’ve added this year: 

Custom Columns 

Now you can create any metric based on the existing ones and see the result in the report table. 

For example, you need to calculate the cost of a custom conversion. This metric is not included in the default metrics, but you can create it manually. 

To create a metric add any formula, specify data format, number of decimals, name and optionally, metric description. 

custom columns

This option allows you to customize the reports and calculate the required metrics right in the BeMob panel. 

Bulk Adding Values

To make your work with the traffic distribution rules faster and more convenient we added mass filling for the following rules: 

  • countries
  • states/regions
  • cities
  • IP 
  • providers
  • language
  • mobile operator
  • referrer
  • referrer domain
  • user agent

Now you can specify a large number of values simultaneously and quickly edit lists with values in the rule-based paths.

Bulk Adding Values

This option saves time and allows you to focus on optimizing your advertizing campaigns. 

AliPay, WeChat as Payment Methods

We are committed to making our service more accessible in all regions, so we’ve added Alipay and Wechat. 

Along with PayPal and card, you can also use these methods to pay for your subscription.  

Ghost ID 

Wish to hide the data on the websites you buy traffic from affiliate networks? We have you covered with the Ghost ID feature. 

As usual, affiliate networks may request the data on the websites from which the traffic is purchased. Along with the click IDs of visit, you should add the corresponding parameter + token to the offer URL. 

With Ghost ID in BeMob you can hide any custom parameter, which is sent along with the data on clicks and visits on the affiliate network side. 

ghost ID

In the report on custom parameters you will be able to see which value of the custom parameter was originally received from the source and which was sent to the side of the affiliate network. 

Tracking and Traffic Distribution on Webview traffic 

WebView is displaying the web pages inside the application. It is actually a browser engine implemented on an Android App. 

However this might be a problem for many advertisers which do not expect this type of traffic on their offers.

To solve the issue we have implemented the WebView tracking – now you can see the amount of visits, clicks, impressions from WebView in a separate column.

webview column

You can also use the WebView filter to redirect this type of traffic to the required offers and landing pages. 

webview rule

API Cost Tracking

This year we launched the automatic cost collection from Exoclick, Revcontent, MGID and PropellerAds sources. 

This API integration allows you to get more accurate data from these sources and collects costs automatically when the source doesn’t support passing costs via the campaign link. 

integrations via API

We don’t plan to stop at the cost capture level of integration. 

In 2022, we plan to expand the integrations to full tracker-side campaign management for Exoclick, Revcontent, MGID and PropellerAds as well as for other traffic sources. 

Traffic Distribution Rules for Crawler, Proxy, Referrer Domain 

One of the key features of BeMob has always been an extensive list of traffic distribution rules, so you could set up the most accurate targeting for your campaigns. 

This year, we’ve added Proxy, Crawler, and Referrer Domain to the list of conditions. 

proxy, crawler, referrer domain

With these conditions, you can also set up the bot rules to exclude this type of traffic from your campaigns completely. 

Mass Editing for Campaigns, Offers and Landing pages

If you’re working with a large number of elements, the bulk edit option is very helpful. 

That’s why we’ve added the option to edit up to 50 campaigns, affiliate offers, or landings at once. 

bulk edit

You can easily change the domain of a campaign, offer or landing page if it has been banned, quickly add additional tokens to the links of an offer and landing page, mass edit costs in campaigns and much more. 

Markers for All Reports

Previously, markers were available only at the custom parameters report level. With the help of markers you can mark unprofitable or the most converting website for creating black/white lists. 

We have extended the markers functionality to all reports. 


Now you can mark the most profitable campaigns and sources, affiliate networks and offers with the highest payouts, and landing pages with the highest CTR. 

Shared Reports

Shared reports refer to advanced data management settings. 

You can now create real-time reports in the BeMob dashboard and share them with your advertisers, traffic sources, sponsors, team members.

Your partners will see the same report available in your BeMob account, however, they will not have access to your settings.

shared report

Sharing a report is easy. You just need to open the tab for which you want to generate a report, click on the Share Report icon and specify the necessary parameters.

So there were 10 great features implemented with BeMob this year.  

We’d like to wrap up this list with two more of our features that are almost ready for release: 

Visit Cap will help to add the limit on visits for 1 hour, 24 hours and 1 month. The feature is already available and you request it from the support team. 

Smart Traffic Distribution will allow you to rotate traffic between offers and landings or fix the repeated visit on the offer or landing page + offer visited initially. 

The feature will be available at the beginning of January. 

That’s all for now!

We would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 

Hope that 2022 will be successful for you and generous with both professional and personal growth!

Thank you for being with BeMob 💙