Trackie-talkie with Daria Maichuk from RichAds

The affiliate marketing is all about the people. We continue to introduce you to the opinion leaders from different networks and services sharing their views on the industry in general and their role in particular. 

Meet Daria Maichuk, Head of Customer Success at RichAds. But first, a few words about RichAds.

About RichAds

RichAds is an ad platform that offers 5 billion impressions daily in 200+ countries all over the world. This networks offers push, in-page, calendar traffic, pops and direct click.

RichAds key features:

  • premium traffic sources with highest CR.
  • expert’s support.
    It includes whitelists, free creatives, turn-key ad campaigns, help with optimization from our professional account managers.
  • target CPA for the best bids and HQ traffic.
  • flagship features.
    Those are Optimizer, Predictor, Multiformat, Performance mode as well as the timeproof Automated Rules and Micro Bidding.
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Hello Daria. Can you please tell us a little about your road to affiliate marketing? 

My expertise in affiliate marketing is really extensive, I have been working in this field for more than 5 years.

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I started my career here at RichAds as a Customer Success manager and worked with clients. As a result, now I can understand how all the verticals work and what we need to do to make profit from them. For now, I am working as Head of Customer Service and can share my experience with my colleagues and their clients.

What are the key tasks you do as a customer success manager at RichAds? 

 I can highlight these key tasks:

  • analysis of how we can improve the quality of service; 
  • analysis of the potential of all verticals;
  • assistance to managers in finding an individual approach to the client and assistance with their campaigns.
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How do your personal skills help to develop the long-term relationship with RichAds clients? 

The ability to hear the client, their needs and problems. A quick search for solutions. It is essential to find an individual approach and establish good contact with the client, to show your expertise. In this case, the client will listen to your advice and you will quickly get the desired result.

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What are the top 3 key points that make the affiliate marketing customer success different from other industries? 

From my point of view these 3 key points are about:

  • the ability to find an individual approach to the client based on his experience,
  • being able to master market innovations quickly and share this information with customers,
  • manage advertising campaigns and take care of clients’ needs.
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How do you turn around the negative customer experience and transfer it into a positive one?

It is always necessary to understand the client’s problem, why he received this negative experience. It is essential to find a solution to the problem quickly. Since we always try to establish good contact with the client initially, it helps further communication and cooperation.

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What’s the toughest case you’ve ever handled in terms of customer success in RichAds? 

It is challenging when a client comes initially with excessive expectations and without knowledge of this market. He wants to get results here and doesn’t know that tests and optimization are crucial points for making money here.

It is essential to understand that it is very important to test and find working bundles and it can take some time.

How would you respond if you don’t know the answer to a client’s question? Did you experience any similar cases in RichAds? 

Yes, there were such cases at the beginning of my journey when the question turned out to be new for me. But our team has many experts who can navigate the issue. The client should not be left without an answer, and you should demonstrate your expertise. With experience, there are fewer such questions, but since the market is dynamic, you can always learn something new.

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How would you respond if a client asks for a solution that goes against company policy? Did you experience any similar cases in RichAds? 

Yes, we have had such cases. We can always talk and find a solution individually for everyone.

How do you handle stressful cases? Are there any personal activities that help to distract you from a tough day? 

Sometimes there are very busy days, so walking with friends, doing sports help me to distract myself.

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What’s your main advice for the networks to build fruitful and healthy customer relationships? 

Probably, it will be an obvious answer, but  building trusting relationships, calls can help to build an excellent field for fruitful work. Figuring out needs, goals and fixing problems in time can lead to a long cooperation.

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A business is successful when a client is happy. 

This should be one of the main points of a business. As we can see, this is what RichAds team does to grow sustainably. 

And this is also what guides BeMob as well. 

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